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We CT-e TECH Co., Ltd so glad to SIEF 2012 (Sep 11 to Sep 14, 2012)
Name admin File : Hit : 3177        Date : 2012.09.17
We CT-e TECH Co., Ltd so glad to participated Seoul International Electric Fair 2012(SIEF 2012 Sep 11, 2012 to Sep 14) in KINTEX, Korea. We displayed our own CTs, PTs and testing equipment including brand new HV products and testing equipment during the SIEF 2012 with our own booth. We also had the meetings with overseas buyers, it was so thanks for the time and visiting our booth.
Please see enclosed the our CT-e TECH Co., Ltd pictures of SIEF2012 as below.
Our CT-e TECH is one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing Low and High Voltage CT & PT since June 1, 1996. We have been selling many CTs & PTs over the years in different countries across the globe.
Our CT-e TECH Co., Ltd. is doing design, manufacturing goods and producing test equipment by ourselves.
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Please visit SIEF2012 website for getting further information.
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